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David Morse

Designated Broker
Cell - 253-282-0162
Office - 253-853-7400
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You've tried the rest, now use the best!

How I'm different from other Brokers

You'll find that I'm not like a lot of other Brokers. I'll always put your financial interests above my own, even if it means losing a commission - really!  I’ve learned from experience that so many other Brokers out there just want to get a quick and easy sale, but they aren't really your "agent" since they are looking out for themselves first, and you second.  Has this ever happened to you?  I guarantee that you won't feel this way with me, since I want you to be so happy with me that you'll recommend me to everyone you know.

I'm also the Head Broker here. I run the office, supervise all the other Brokers, ensure their transaction paperwork is correct, train them, update them on Real Estate Laws, Regulations, Rules, Procedures, etc.


Real Estate Experience

I've been involved in Real Estate in one form or another for over 40 years. I’ve personally owned 25 properties in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Utah and even Brazil! I also had my own business designing , getting permits for & then building and selling homes, subdividing land and installing utilities on them, etc. I even built my home on the Key Peninsula when I moved here!

Guess what - the best way to help anyone get the best possible deal buying or selling their property is not only by helping other people buy & sell properties, but also by doing it for yourself many times over.  How many other agents have bought and sold 25 properties for themselves?  As your agent, I'll put my extensive and varied knowledge of Real Estate and negotiating experience to work for you just as if I'm selling or buying the home for myself – I guarantee it!

Referral Letter

I want to thank you for all your work and help with the transaction on our house purchase during the past several months. At first thought, it seems that after a Purchase and Sale agreement is signed, there really isn't much for real estate agent to do, but just hand the paperwork over to an Escrow company and wait for the deal to close. However, upon reflecting on this transaction, that couldn't be further from the truth. Being a 'short sale' contributed to the complexity, but even without that, your expertise in real estate, and knowledge of house construction and Pierce county building codes proved invaluable. While you were careful to be sure I understood that you weren't giving me legal advice, your thoughts and suggestions gave me many ideas to consider before we made the multitude decisions about this purchase.

In addition, working with you was a very pleasant experience. You had great attention to detail, making sure that the purchase process was smooth and as trouble free as possible. Your experience in working complex real estate transactions helped a great deal, anticipating what could go wrong and taking steps to preclude any problems. In addition, you were extremely easy to contact. You proactively called me many times to check on things and were very quick to respond to my calls to you, something I appreciated very much.

For me, you provided just the right amount of support. I never felt like you were pushing us and you worked hard to be sure that we were making the right choice with this property. I would not hesitate to recommend you to another real estate customer. If you have a customer who would like a reference, I would be happy to discuss your work with them.

One other thing. While the purchase of a home is a pretty intense proposition, you never made it seem like 'hard work'... instead I would say that you made it a positive, fun, almost stress-free experience, for which we are very grateful.

Rick and Madeleine, Seattle

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